“The cutting edge of change has moved from the technology to the literacies made possible by the technology”


— Howard Rheingold

About us

Education for Digital Peace promotes literacy in peacemaking

and conflict prevention and its application in online settings.


Our ability to make peace with others enables peaceful relationships that are the basis of good reputation and trust, both of which are social capital essential to our flourishing in a networked driven era.


In the absence of this peacemaking capacity, conflict emerges. Digital technology enables any conflict to acquire a searchable and persistent online dimension that can be communicated and exposed to a much broader network of people.


A digitally mediated social environment augments both the reward for peacemaking and the stakes of conflict.


Proactive conflict resolution is a digital literacy because digital technologies have augmented both the reward for peacemaking and the stakes of conflict.



Education for Digital Peace trains individuals and organizations on the dynamics of peace-building and conflict prevention in digitally mediated social environments. Through stimulating case studies and hands-on multi-media activities, participants develop the perspectives, mindset and skills indispensable to a digital peace builder.


The building blocks of our training include


Building trust and reputation

Building interoperability in an interconnected world



Social Architecture Design

Education for Digital Peace helps organizations in designing context specific social processes and structures that build unity in diversity, and that establish interoperability while promoting efficiency, innovation and the pursuit of excellence. We believe the proactive cultivation of unity in diversity is one of the most effective strategies of conflict prevention and resolution.


Our social architecture design integrates the insight of the humanities with the development of innovative technologies. Besides drawing on time-honored principles of peacemaking, we offer purpose-built digital tools ranging from analytics to social response tools that optimize the positive potential of online feedback and communication on social media.



Connection between people is an organizing feature of a networked society. Thriving in this networked era requires an ability to engage with diversity and to achieve interoperability amongst highly interconnected, yet distinct, entities.